Q. Are Dogs welcome?
A. YES, BUT! - Your fluffy friend needs to be vaccinated and wormed within the last 3 months to ensure he/she is clear of any nasties.  We are based on a livestock field and we need to respect livestock is EXPENSIVE. No proof, no entry, I am afraid.  They must also be insured and kept on leads at ALL times.  They must be securely tethered on camp areas at all times. We do love dogs, however we must look after the land & livestock it is home to.

Q. Is this a new show?
A. Yes, a brand new show! We cater towards Campervans, Campers of all makes and models, self build and Van lifers and thoroughly welcome any of the VW family, Hotrods and Scooters!  This show is for you to tell us what you like and want to see! End of the day, management don't get time to see the entertainment, so no point booking what we like, although it ends up being things we are gutted to miss!

Q. Will there be photographers on site?
A.  Yes we have a main photographer and a there will be a couple of other photographers with us too.  We aim to have albums from each of the photographers to publicize online for you see and share photos.  You can also take photos yourself and upload them to our page!  Some of our photos may end up online websites and in magazines!

Q. Can I bring my dog? 
A. Yes - bring as many friendly friends as you like! They have their own show! 

Q. Can I bring any other pets?
A.  No, I'm afraid with the farm being a livestock farm, we cannot run the risk of other animals coming on site for your own safety as well as protecting the farm.

Q. Can I bring my own alcohol? 
A. Yes - but please decanter all products into plastic containers.  No glass is allowed on site.  We have fresh, cold beers/lagers/ciders on tap for just £3.50 a pint though! 

Q.  Can I bring an awning?
A.  Your area is to do with it, as you desire, just please respect your neighbours, be considerate with space and use it wisely!  Pitches are 6m x 6m and all vehicles MUST be at least 3m apart.

Q. Is there water available on site?
A. Yes, we have a water supply by the showers & kitchen facilities.  We have built in toilets & port-a-loos in the main arena too.

Q. Are there showers?
A.  YES -  Our venue has a shower block on site & we are offering them FREE - Don't abuse this and we will keep it free next year too.  They will be monitored.   By the toilets you will find camping/kitchen areas for cleaning/washing up.  Be fair on this too and we will allow them next year also.

Q. Can I bring weed & other drugs?
A. Drugs are ILLEGAL.  Even Cannabis is now a Class B and will not be tolerated.  If we believe a person to have taken drugs and be a danger, they will be removed from public area. 

Q. Are there security and medics on site?
A.  Yes 24 hours all weekend.  We have security based at the entrance and the first aid will be pitched with the information desk in the main arena.  We will be flying flags so you can easily spot them. 

Q. Is glass allowed on site?
A. No, glass isn't allowed on site.  Please put all alcohol brought on site in plastic containers.  

Q. What are the gates opening times?
A. Gates open 9am each day.  Please have all tickets ready to ensure you are promptly entered into camp. (This includes doggy's paperwork).  Gates close at 9pm Friday and Saturday night, but will be manned by security after and through the night. No tickets can be purchased during 'gates closed' hours.

Q. What is the fancy dress theme for 2019?
A.  Friday - 90s/00s.     Saturday - 80s Rock/Rock of Ages    Sunday - Rockabilly

Q. Are firepits allowed? 
A. Yes, but please PLEASE please, keep them raised off the floor and protect the grass.  If you are found to have damaged the ground, we are permitted to issue fines.  It may also cost the show on top, meaning the charity gets less money.  There are ways around this guys, fire blankets, patio slabs and similar options.  Raised firepits on legs still require a fire blanket or protection from hot coals also that may fall through.


Q. When is the show & shine?
A.  We have show and shine on Sunday, make sure you are in the main arena for 11am, no later.  More information can be found here.


Q. Do you have a privacy policy?
A.  Yes - Here you go - Privacy Policy


Q. Can I buy tickets at the gate? 
A. Yes, but you do miss out on the pre-book discounts.  Please be aware, if the show sells out, then no, only day passes are permitted.   On the gate will be £45 per adults, £25 per teen, children free. 

Q. Are there any electric hook-ups? 
A. Afraid not.. We are almost wild campers here folks! 

Q. Are generators allowed? 
A. We do not allow generators to the public.  They are too noisy for the camp (yes even your generator you think is quiet!).  

Q. What days can I camp? 
A.  Camping is permitted for Friday night and Saturday night.  In time, we may extend the show.  If you wish to camp earlier, you can do so with PRIOR arrangement with Management.  Campers MUST leave site Sunday evening.

Q.  Can we cook on a BBQ? 
A.  Yes - BUT PLEASE - RAISE YOUR BBQ's! Keep them off the ground.  Stick with these rules and we will never have to ban them! We ask that you carry adequate fire safety with you for your camp, ie. fire extinguishers to suit the correct style of fire you are having.  We also advise not to put BBQ's back inside the vehicle for use or storage immediately after use with coals in, it gives off carbon monoxide and if inhaled, can be fatal.  Please allow your coals to cool, place them in a bag and use the designated bins on site for disposal. 

Q. Can I bring my bike? 
A. Yes, pushbikes are welcme along with Totrods, mobility scooters & Scooter motors. Motorbikes are welcome providing no back patch, clubs or patches that represent any political influence/support. 

Q. I have an adult ticket but do I need my ID? 
A. If when you arrive, we query your age, you will require ID to prove you are that age.  Please don't be offended, we have rules to play by too.  The bar may still ask for ID even with your adult wristband on!  No ID, no drinks, sorry folks!

Q. Refunds?
A. Refunds can be given at discretion of the team. Refunds cannot be issued from July 31st onwards. All tickets are scanned, so if they are refunded, your ticket will become invalid on the gate. 

Q. Can I buy a day ticket?
A. Yes day tickets are available at £10.00 per adult, £7.00 per teen (13-16yrs) and children under 13 are free. 

Q. When will I receive my tickets? 
A.  Tickets come through by email immediately for printing, so even if you print them and lose them, you can re print them near the time.  Each ticket has a bar code which can only be scanned once by the system that issued it, so duplication of a ticket doesn't mean it can be used twice.  

If you have any other questions, please contact us either by email - Dubsofages@hotmail.com  by Phone/Whatsapp - 07395289387  or use the contact us page on this website.

Thank you,
TEAM Dubs of Ages.

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